Why Choose Akron Game Trucks?

Why Choose Akron Game Trucks?

Akron Game Trucks is the Best in the Business!

With Akron Game Trucks you will receive: No shortcuts, state of the art equipment, and a friendly, knowledgeable staff. We will ensure that your game truck rental is the best possible experience, hands down! More reasons to choose Akron Game Trucks over the competition include, but are not limited to:

  • Akron Game Trucks affiliates have trucks that are designed with comfort in mind - From comfortable seating to air conditioned trailers, Akron Game Trucks ensures that you are gaming in an awesome environment!
  • The audience for Mobile Video Game Parties ranges from children to adults - While Akron Game Trucks does recommend all participants to be 7 years of age or older, we are willing to work with elementary students to senior citizens!
  • If there is room, one of our affiliates can host your party - As long as there is a flat surface with roughly 50 feet available, a Akron Game Trucks affiliate can host your party!
  • Trucks and Buses do not need any plugs or generators - They have their own! All trucks in our network are self contained units and are about as quiet as a car when fully running.
  • The variety of games is sickening - We realize that all people have different genres of games they enjoy, that is why our affiliates bring a vast majority of popular games...ranging from racing games, to first person shooters, all the way to E-learning games for the younger age groups.

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Akron Game Trucks is a website operated by Rushcube. We offer video game truck experiences through our network of affiliate game truck operators in and around Akron, Ohio. Please call for exact options and available game trucks in your area. All vehicle images are used with permission.